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Penny + Giles success in world markets results from innovative technology, creative design, manufacturing excellence and interactive customer support.

Penny + Giles high quality and cost effective products are manufactured using state of the art machining and assembly technologies, cell manufacturing and SPC quality techniques which give us the focus and technology necessary to produce world-leading products.

Our quality systems meet the requirements of ISO9001, the Civil Aviation Authority and numerous customer's certification standards. Quality is at the heart of all our systems ensuring the reliability of our products from initial design to final dispatch – on time.

Our experience in providing innovative control and feedback solutions across a wide application spectrum from aerospace, automotive, mining and process control to medical science, broadcasting and recording allows our customers to specify Penny + Giles equipment knowing that it is industry proven in thousands of applications throughout the world.

Aerospace products

Penny + Giles Controls have over forty years design and manufacturing experience in position sensors for flight data recording, flight control systems and engine control systems in both civil and military applications and have established an international reputation for quality, reliability and customer service. Our products are in regular use in fixed and rotary wing aircraft and heavy payload satellite launch vehicles. Our customer base includes the world's leading aircraft manufacturers and operators including Airbus Industrie, Boeing, British Aerospace, Dornier, Embraer and McDonnell Douglas, as well as many major system suppliers.


We have specialist expertise in audio/video controllers for the professional broadcasting and recording industry where Penny + Giles reliability and quality is the industry benchmark. 


Industrial products

Penny + Giles industrial products are key components throughout the industrialized world. We work closely with OEMs in the off-highway industry to develop electro-hydraulic controllers We work closely with OEMs in the off-highway industry to develop electro-hydraulic controllers and position feedback devices for new generation machines. In the automotive and motorsport industry we have pioneered developments in position feedback and data acquisition and control and supply sensors to many major race car manufacturers. In the process control, medical, marine and leisure industries Penny + Giles sensors and control systems are in daily use.


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